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Newly Constructed Driveways

Typically utilizes coarse aggregate (1s, 3s, 357s) followed by a cover of dense graded aggregates or fines (25s - 26s crusher run, 21-A, 21-B).

Restoration of existing established driveways

Typically utilizes 1/2" to 1" coarse aggregate (78s, 68s and 57s) and/or dense graded aggregates or fines.

Drainage Systems

Such as French drains are generally constructed utilizing coarse aggregates (8s, 68s, and 57s) which may be used in conjunction with perforated piping.


Concrete slabs are generally constructed using as a base coarse aggregate (57s, 68s) dense graded aggregate.  As an alternative, 25s - 26s crusher run, 21A, 21B or Pug Mill stone may be successfully used with proper compaction.

Patio brick, flagstone and pavers

Typically utilize a base course of rockdust or sand.

Slope Stabilization

Utilizing Rockydale RipRap and Erosion Control Stone provide both cover for exposed soil and prevent undermining of waterfront slopes.

Erosion Control

Utilizing Rockydale RipRap and Erosion Control Stone provide for soil stabilization at pipe inlets and outlets as well as providing a lining for open ditches.


Utilizing Rockydale stone can be both functional and attractive.  In this case, stone of various sizes can be used.  However a recommended size would be 8s, 78s, 9s and 10s.

Raised Landscaping beds

Utilizing Rockydale topsoil/soil conditioner and drainage stone adds both beauty and soil nutrients to your landscape project.

Retaining Walls

Constructed of Rockydale RipRap with its natural colors and shape makes a wall that is both attractive and functional.

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Rockydale Quarries has a dedicated sales team that can help you select the right type of material and calculate the amount needed for your project.  Our sales representatives are experts in the aggregate industry.  They are available to provide each customer with the personalized service necessary to ensure that your project is completed on time.  No job is too small. 

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