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About Us - Environment

At Rockydale Quarries Corporation, our focus on being responsible stewards of the environment are essential priorities for our company and our employees. We accept our responsibilities to operate our business in a manner that will help sustain the environment for generations to come.  With our company’s core values of integrity, commitment, leadership and creativity, we have built a successful, sustainable business that strives to improve all aspects of the environment in the communities that we serve.  By using leading restorative practices that go far beyond basic compliance, we take a long-term view and comprehensive planning approach to our future.

Rockydale Quarries Corporation values the relationship we share with our neighbors. We work closely with regulatory agencies such as DEQ, EPA, DMME, MSHA and others to uphold noise, dust, water and safety regulations, often exceeding these standards.  It is our goal to be environmental stewards.  Our various operations are located within city jurisdictions; neighborhoods; close to major highways; churches; national parks; etc. We truly understand the importance of being a good neighbor.

The following initiatives demonstrate our efforts and commitment to positively affect the area in which we live and work:

  • Protecting the environment around plant locations is integral to Rockydale Quarries' business and the growth and development of the surrounding community.  Industry standards serve as a baseline, not a benchmark. 

  • Before establishing a new plant site, or expanding and existing site, Rockydale management works with local planning boards and agencies to conduct thorough site evaluations and address environmental concerns.  Research efforts can include archaeological assessments, wetland studies, endangered species surveys and other specialty reports. 

  • While still in the preliminary planning phase, plant expansions and construction projects are designed to keep plant noise and dust at an absolute minimum. 

  • On a regular basis, water is sprayed around plant entrances and area haul roads to reduce dust from becoming airborne.

  • Plant manager work closely with trucking companies encouraging, and requiring when necessary, them to use tarps to cover the loads as they leave the quarry sites. 

  • Any concerns voiced by the community are immediately communicated to area management and handled as quickly as possible.